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>>guest: yes. is a mirror finish and the raised part is a frosted look and that is where all prove coins are made. then you have the reverse the field is a matte finish and the vice is shiny. they'd done the 20th anniversary set like this and the 25th anniversary set in 2011 and then this set. from the 2005 and 2006 set the 1 coin is worth a hundred $99. $899. $429 this
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coin to be a smoking hot deal now have the s-minted coin and6 c13 stop making them 1992 and is only in the set because it was a samper insistence that. we just about sold out the proof at 3:45 a.m. in the morning. version if i sold the set $199 it would be a steal but if you look to the value of the box is about $200 per coin.i sold thisin rp69 two
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weeks ago at 2:00 a.m. in the morning and i sold every one of them at $199.started with 100 of these sats and now i have less than 100.we are going to sell them for three or four minutes and that is all.the government sold out during the course of the year several months ago. what i did was when i originally released them the price $429 at keep the original issue price in the 2011 set when we brought that out the original issue price was $429. i have that cory set now and if you go to is $1,299.95. the 2006 sater --t i sold it for
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a hundred $99it is $1,299. those are the other to reverse print sats and they both haveonly one that has a silk san francisco mint mark san francisco mint makes other coins and the only did it because it was commemorating the san francisco mint so they might do in 25 years for the hundredth anniversary but not for the 77th anniversary. we have when more anniversaries and the government is doing a lot of other cool ones like next year the doing commemorative
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dollars of all the five starred generals and american history. it is windy very cool. >>host: this is the one you said was a hundred dollars? >>guest: we've done 3 revere spruce the 2011 set. it is about $800 the 20th anniversary set is about $800 and this coin iss rare as the only but is the original first issue i am also going to give you the s-minted because the west point mint makes all the proof sets. certified
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perfect. in the red a presentation box. means they come to about $199 apiece. i could sell a thousand of them in one show if i put them on. the silver in the east as talks significantl. these has gone up significantly. the value is in the numismatic value and for this particular coin alone. >>host: stay right there i have you covered but if you are not on a line right now is when
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the sell out. stay on the line and do not hang up. the coins are excellent condition and should i get them and shored? >>guest: no but certified. -- in shortinsured >>host: there you go. fun got done talking about the 2 silver and now we have four minutes and this is going to be gone as well. what makes it different and we just saw? >>guest:
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satin finish coin.3 the u.s. government makes a regular (...) they made a present terry presentational (...) it has the west point mint mark and in the history of the u.s. government and they have been making them since 1986 they had done five of them. 2006 7 8 and 2011 and 2012. the 2011 sold out and we sold out in 1st day of . this is the6 c13 quantities at 1249.260 left so we soldthink i've done a
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price break a satin finish silver eagle coin like this. i cannot to the 2006, 2007, 2008 or 2011 and i should not do 2012 at this price but it is the final quantities because we are getting ready for 2013, so i am going to go ahead and do something i never did before. $169.95 is a spectacular price up for $20 often is my holiday gift to you. certified perfect and 1st day of issue which is exclusive to us here at hsn. there is no way other than here you can get it for
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you cannot buy it anywhere else.13 them gone emitter's so. in a minute or and 350 left now. >>host: a $3,000 set and sometimes there is not flex pay. typically will meet get to 104 notspectacular that have 4 flex pays. youthing give a lot of stop by to give something that is rare you want to give something that they can give generation to generation and if you are getting married or had a new baby this year, put
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this under the tree i love marking occasions with a special coin. >>guest: 1 oz of pure silver. this is substantial is 50 times more rarer than (...) the single most determining factor is condition. in coin collecting. perfect and first day of issue and it is the most valuable that this coin can be even amongst all the other rarityies. 1249
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for worldwide distribution and available exclusively here and today only is the day and selling it for $149.95. >>host: only 150 left so there's not any luck either. [laughter] stay on the line and this again is so popular. this one really quickly >>guest: that picture does not match the graphic. the james madison proof set it has a commemorative dollar and half dollar and the only commemoratives that with that and i have like 50 of them. >>host: reduce series of items that is very rapid.there is right there. -- c13
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we are going to do a series of items >>guest: customer pick in fact. >>host: coming off in a minute. let's shine the spotlight on fashionista the giuliana rancic that is going to on tuesday with her line. it will feature brand new saved items that have never been seen before and brand new pricing throughout the show and you can check out her faux fur pieces from her collection header great for gift- giving. to not forget to check giuliana and bill wednesday at 87 central for the chance to see footage of her first visit on hsn.-- 8
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[reading] [♪music♪] >>host: hi thank you for watching hsn i am suzanne and i am here with mike mezack, are coin expert.from a chatter in the aegis and live chat. my dad has a anything? >>guest:


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